Another day, another peso

Day fourteen 60km

Tanya is starting to feel better and there is sun shining at the moment. It looks likes there is was this low pressure system that came in and soaked most of Baja California Sur (our friend the Pineapple Express). Shitty, should get better by next week. But I am hoping it will be nice where we are now. This morning when we left there was a good area of the sky that had no clouds in it, so I am thinking that we may just get lucky. Maybe not, but it is worth trying.

The ride today went really good, it was 60km and we did it by noon. Tanya said it was the easiest day yet. Mostly flat with one up hill followed by a nice downhill right at the end. I am really starting to feel fit. Today I pounded up the hill, making great time. It was nice, my legs and lungs all feel like they are in tip top shape. It’s a good feeling.

We are in a town called Mulege. It’s the first touristy place we have seen since Ensenada. There are blankets and hats in every shop. We ate some fish tacos for lunch, they were very tasty. We just love the food here.

Here’s hoping for some nice weather.

Posted from Heroica Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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