Distance: 20km
Traffic: Low to Mod (first day it is hard to know what is low or moderate)
Roads: Pretty good overall
Comments: Always try to leave the a city on a holiday.

About 20km north of Panjim is a small little community called Anjuna. We rode our bikes here from Panjim, and it was a success. We both had some anxiety of what the ride out of Panjim was going to be like. We picked December 3rd because it was a holiday. We were on the road by 6:30am, and out of the city by 7. It was a great success, Panjim (about 100,000 people) has lots traffic (like all Indian cities), however most people don’t get on the roads until later in the day (there is no getting to work by 7 here). It was nice, after biking through a traffic circle we were on a bridge and basically out of Panjim.

The rural roads to Anjuna were reminiscent of Baja California, not a lot of traffic until you got to a village, then there was more. The roads were pretty good and with English signs all over the place, we had no problem finding our way to Anjuna (though this luxury probably won’t last long!).

We got really lucky and the first guesthouse we stopped at, according to some others staying here, is one of the best at this price, it is the big upstairs of a english speaking families home, very nice people, great location and an excellent veranda to lay on a hammock!

Anjuna is definitely a beach town! There are a few kilometres of beach with lots of restaurants and places to just sit and relax. There is a weekly market here which just happened to occur today! Rows and rows of people trying to sell you stuff, saw some pretty cool things but refrained from buying anything.

Today I had the first cold shower in my life that I actually enjoyed! I think we will enjoy our time here, the room we are in is available for 4 days and I’m guessing we’ll stay for that long!

Posted from Anjuna, Goa, India
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2 thoughts on “Anjuna

  1. Jack

    Sounds like a very nice place to be visiting. Hard to believe what was happening a week ago! Think of you often and keep us posted.
    P.S. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.
    Love, Mom


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