An early Sunday Morning

It is hard to describe the motivation behind waking up early on a Sunday. With the lure of Chinese fishing nets and the best light of the day I headed out of the guest house at 5:30am. As soon as I step out, I hear India, awake and doing its religious thing. In the distance I hear Muslim prayer calls, nearby I hear the drone of the morning sermon at the nearby Catholic church. I walk to the doors of the church to hear the preaching and then singing in Malayan.

As I continue walking, the comfortable cool air guides me towards the ocean. On my way a couple from Israel flag me down and I talk with them for a while. They just arrived by train and waiting for light before seeking a room. We talk for a bit, sharing stories and trading tips. After I head to the beach and wait for the sun to rise. Armed with only a camera, I walk up to the massive wooden contraption. It looks like a giant four legged spider, ankle deep in water. As I take pictures of the nets, the sea front starts to come alive. Fishermen arrive, tending to the nets like ants on a tropical tree. Balancing on the many booms, guiding the counter weights as the nets are lowered into the water.

After I have had my fill of taking pictures I walk back to the guest house. I make sure to take the long way and enjoy the heritage look of the town bathing in the early morning sunlight. I make sure to stop at the bakery on the way back, acquiring goods that I will tempt Tanya out of her groggy sleep.

There are a lot of images below, I treated this outing as an exercise, and I hope you all can learn from what I saw. It was pretty neat to see all this go on.

Posted from Kochi, Kerala, India
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One thought on “An early Sunday Morning

  1. Jack

    Hi there, we received this post on Thursday morning, I am sure many days from where you are now. What a great set of pictures. You certainly captured the early morning scene in Ft. K. Also, your narrative describes your feelings quite well (I felt that I was there along side you as you walked that early morning).
    We also walked Sunday morning, only it was wearing snowshoes and enjoying the winter calm.
    Love, Mom


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