Distance: 32kms uphill switchbacks
Roads:  Excellent overall
Traffic: Light
Scenery: Awesome

Well this new route we’ve deided on has been full of pleasant surprises.  Today we were prepared to try and ride 100kms or to camp if needed, however after 32kms of uphill a nice lodge called Green Valley Resort in the middle of a very small town called Amboli beckoned, and we decided to stay.  The ride was great this moring, hardly any traffic, roads in good condition and awesome scenery as we clibed into the Ghats (big hills), despite so much uphill, it went quicky.

As we get further from Goa we certaily draw more attention, we had to stop for at least  20 minutes at one point today while groups of people took pictures with us!  It’s so weird but funny!    This afternoon we just walked down the one road in town, bought some fruit and candy and read our books.  Tomorrow we have a longer day and more hills to climb.

Posted from Amboli, Maharashtra, India
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2 thoughts on “Amboli

  1. Amy

    I’d take pictures of you too! While I think it’s great that you guys are doing this, I still think you’re crazy :) ha ha!!!


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