Distance: 58km
Roads: 50% the best roads ever, 40% good and 10% awful.
Traffic: very light

Today was one of the best days yet. Amazing, because last night was the worst sleep we had thus far. This all changed as soon as we left the guest house.

Fort Kochin doesn’t really have a lot a traffic at the busiest of times. At 6:30 in the morning there was no traffic at all. We headed west as far was we could and hugged the beach all the way to Alleppey. What a treat, we only saw sleepy fishing towns and excited kids. The weather wasn’t too hot, there was no headwind, no clouds just perfect. This is where you can really start to see the backwaters of Kerala. At one point we had ocean on the right, freshwater on the left and the land was only about 100m wide, amazing. Palm trees and Churches dotted the side of the road.

We stopped for a break in a shaded area. As we were just finishing up a really excited boy came up and started tot talk to us. His English was great and we was asking us a bunch of questions about our trip, our feelings about India and Canada. We went on telling us that he wanted to get his MBA (he hadn’t finsihed high school yet). It was a pretty neat to see him so excited. I think he was one of the lucky Indians that will get the chance if he so chooses.

Did I mention how great the ride was? It was a truly amazing day. About halfway through out the ride Tanya got the idea that we should start a business guiding tourists on this road by bicycle. With the thought of doing this ride for everydayfrom next November to March, the cogs were turning, trying to find a way to extend our trip. We arrived in Allepy around lunch, checked out many hotels and settled on the last one we found (good price and clean). After that we had lunch and ran into the American couple we met a couple of days ago (kind of fluky to met up with them again).

After lunch we went to look at some houseboats for tomorrow (24 hours on a house boat is 2.5 times our daily budget). Houseboats are highly recommended by everyone that has done them and by our guide book (Lonely Planet’s top 10 things to do before you die sort of thing). So we are going to splurge on it.

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