Agra is a famous place, although I bet that no one that is reading this has heard of it. Agra is the place of the Taj Mahal among other cool buildings. After boarding a train at 7:30 in the morning, we were off to Agra. We were lucky, our tickets were purchased in advance and we had a nice class, air conditioning, not that you need it right now, and everyone had their own seat that reclined, much like a plane. The trip went fast, and before we knew it we were in Agra.

Agra is a small town at 1.3 million, and boasts one of the world’s seven man made wonders. We were talking about the wonders, and thought that there were man made wonders (pyramids, the Great Wall, etc) and there are nature made wonders (the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls). The first thing we did is check into our hotel room, which was very nice, all the hotels so far have had nice marble flooring, big glass doors, and they all look very nice, you almost forget you are India.
The Red Fort was our first stop. On the outside this fort looked nothing too special other than its size and colour. But once inside it was beautiful. This was the house (massive house) for the emperor back in the day. This is the famous house of the guy who designed and built the Taj Mahal. You can actually see the Taj from inside the red fort. It was very nice, no other way to really explain it, unless you look at my pictures. I am on dial up so I cannot upload any pictures here. If you stay tuned, I am told we will be in a place with high speed and I will update this blog with pictures.

Not everything here is white


After this we went to go have some lunch and then it was off to the Taj Mahal. After being frisked and made sure that I didn’t have a cell phone on me (no sure why you are not aloud cell phones in these places) we made our way to the main gate. The Taj is a very nice tomb for the emperor’s wife, it took 22 years to build and was really a nice gesture to his wife. After he died, he was placed there as well. When you walk through the main gate and you get your first glimpse of the Taj you are blown away. The size, the symmetry, everything, it was just amazing. Words cannot describe this building, I have seen the picture thousands of times, but when you see it in person, it is just an amazing sight, one that you really just have to stop, look at it and really just take it all in. The grounds around the Taj Mahal are very nice as well. There were about 17,000 people there while we were there, which was a little difficult at times, but not really that bad if you got off the main routes and just hung out in the unpopulated areas. After this we left the Taj and went back the hotel, once again tired.

For dinner we went to a Muslim restaurant, it was very good. Once again it was cheap, and very good, I just can’t believe the price of food and the quality of food, the same dinner would cost us two or three times more in Canada, and it would be no where as good. That was the end of our Agra experience.

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