A new (for us) Chariot

Chariots are a pretty big commodity among young families. We are not excluded from that group. After getting a taste of cycle touring on May long weekend, we have been searching for a good deal on a bicycle trailer.

Thanks to a great service called IFTTT, I was able to get a notification on my phone every time someone posted a used chariot on UsedVictoria, ask me how and I can tell you how to set it up. When a good deal came up, I emailed a response as quickly as I could so I would be first in line to view the Chariot.

This is what happened last week, a killer deal for a Chariot trailer was posted on UsedVictoria, in which I was the first to respond and as a result we now have a chariot. The photo above is the jogging mode, but you can attach it to a bike and go for a ride. This weekend we plan to head to Goldstream campground with some friends and try out our new bicycle trailer.

3 thoughts on “A new (for us) Chariot

  1. linda

    Wow! Great to see that it is working out. The camping should be fun. We are at Canyon Hot Springs, getting used to our smaller living quarters. Our home in Parksville will feel like a castle compared to the camper.
    Love ya, Mom

    1. Kelly Hays Post author

      Yes, I can imagine that the a camper is a lot smaller tan what your used to. You should try tenting it so that home feels like luxury.


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