Acclimatization Day

When this photo was taken, I was 25 years old forester in training who was raised in Prince George. This was a day I realized something, I was in tip top shape.

This was an acclimatization day, which means you sleep at the same elevation for two nights in a row, but during the day, you go for a hike to gain elevation. This was the hike, but I wasn’t satisfied hiking with the rest of the group, so I started to pull a head. A few other followed me, from the left:

  • Myself
  • Lela – One of our guides
  • A sherpa – I totally forgot his name, but this young guy was super tough
  • Theo
  • Mel

We left the other hikers in the dust, heading for a spot up top where we could get some good views and photos. I lead the pack and it rocked, there is something about pounding up a mountain to see what the view is like.

My only regret is that bloody twig in the shot.

Posted from Western Region, Nepal
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