A cool little bay

Day fourteen 43km
I wish we had more time. We have arrived at Bahia Concepcion (Concepcion Bay). This place is pretty cool. We got a little shelter and the ocean. We just don’t have any sun. The weather is supposed to get better tomorrow. Within a couple days it is supposed to be really nice. Tanya and I do not know what to do. We don’t want to hang out here if the weather isn’t great (it is like 18 degrees and overcast). Our latest plan is to bike to the next town and take a bus to the next city and the next set of beaches. Hopefully the weather will be better and we can do some snorkeling. Today’s ride was a¬†good ride, filled with some unexpected hill climbs. We didn’t have very far to go so we took it pretty easy. Conception bay is very cool. I would recommend it to anyone that likes beaches. It is not a resort, so if you are into that sort of thing you may not like it. But if you have a RV or a car and a tent, hit it up. With the sun shinning this place would be amazing, and there are not that many people (it is not crowded). The only thing that may make you unhappy is the noise of the RV’s generators. The water is this nice turquoise colour. If we had more time we would hang out here for a couple of days (we are not really beach people). I think most of the RVers here spend a couple of months in Baja, and some must spend most of their time here in this little bay. Oh ya, the beer is cheap as well.

Looking into the bay

Yesterday, in an Internet cafe we witnessed something that was pretty funny. Tanya and I made fun of the situation many times afterwards. There was this guy from Vernon and his satellite dish wouldn’t work. Canadian dish, doesn’t work in Mexico. So he thought we would buy a new dish in Mexico. This internet cafe was also a place to buy satellite dishes. So this tall loud white guy comes in and asks the girl at the counter, “do you speak English? Does he?” pointing at a young guy behind the counter. Both the Mexicans shake their head no. So he proceeds in his loud voice to talk in English about his problem, “I need a dish that is compatible with my receiver.” The two Mexicans can still not understand the guy, the girl takes the computer and loads google translate (a very handy tool). He pecks at the keyboard for a while and you can hear that this is a good way to communicate. But every so often he blurts out something in English, realizing that he is not back home and that needs to type it to get his point across. Seriously, if you are in a country where they don’t speak you language, just don’t try to yell it louder and hope to get your point across, it is not going to work. It completely amazes Tanya and I how many people come done here, try to avoid contact with Mexicans at all cost, and get really upset when they cannot watch their NFL games.

Sometimes I am envious of the people in their big comfortable RVs, with a fridge and a stove, more room then may apartment and a big bed and a nice duvet. But then I think of my gas price, my freedom and my willingness to interact with the Mexicans. There are a million different ways to travel, I really enjoy my bicycle. Cycle touring so far has been more then I could have dreamed it would be. We are having a great time (even with the not so great weather). The only issue we have is the lack of time (and money). This is something that both of us enjoy to the fullest and cannot wait for our next trip (and we are not even done this one).

Posted from San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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