A change in winds

Day seven 68km
The alarm went off at 4:30. I had been up since four. We were asleep by 7 last night. A good night sleep, even though we were right next to the highway and there was a huge windstorm in the middle of the night.
We all got ready to get going. We now have a pretty good routine down. The first thing that happens is that I go to the washroom and then I make breakfast for our crew. Today Chris was awake before me and he started breakfast. Oatmeal, peaches and cream. After that Tanya goes back into the tent and packs the sleeping bags and thermarests up. I start packing other things up. Once Tanya gets out of the tent I pull the stakes and take down the tent. Then we organize everything in the our trailer and panniers, put them on the bike and head on out. We start the day heading east, so we see the sun rising. This is the earliest we have gotten out (6:30). It was great.

It was great until we started biking on the road. There was that head wind again. Slowing us down and making very cold. I was wearing my toque, sweater and gor-tex jacket long jons and gloves (Tanya and Chris had a few more layers on). I know what you are thinking, “Who goes to Mexico in the Wintertime and wears long jons, a toque, gloves and top it all off, goes biking?” We do, I had no idea it was going to be like this, but I think once we get out of the desert it will be a different story.

After about an hour the headwinds stop, or more correctly, we change directions and the headwinds become a tail wind (the wind was a SW wind, we were heading east, and the we started to head SE and S). It was great, the sun was shinning and the wind was at our back, and all of a sudden we started to make really good time. Our speed increased by about 7km/hr and our effort was decreased. The most important thing was that our moods were now elevated. We stopped in Catavina for our second breakfast, got some more water and stocked up on the good things in life (M&M, Reece peanut butter cups, Habanaro and lime potato chips).

The rest of the day was great. Rolling hills and a tail wind, we made great time and since we left early in the morning we were able to find a nice campsite about 3pm. Made some pasta for dinner, did the dishes, ate some M&Ms and crawled into our tents at 5:45 (earliest so far). As I am sure we will fall asleep soon (the sleeping bag is really comfortable and we were up early) we will get another long night of sleep and maybe get a chance to get our of the desert tomorrow (it is a long distance, if the conditions are right, we will be able to do it).

Posted from Santa Ana, Baja California, Mexico
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