Temples Around Badami

Touring Temples in Badami
Today we checked out  two sites that were the capital and the second capital of the Chalukyan Empire that was ther ruling force in this area from the 4th centry to the 8th century AD. It was pretty sweet, the guide book  claims that these sites were the embryotic stage of Hindu Architechure. Well worth the cost and the 30km rickshaw ride to get there. Below are some of the pictures from todays excursion.

Posted from Badami, Karnataka, India
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4 thoughts on “Temples Around Badami

  1. Doris

    It is so great that you have this website!
    Everyday we look forward to checking in and reading about your adventures.
    Doris & Gerry

  2. Jack

    Very cool pictures, Kelly and Tanya. Think that you could bring a rickshaw back home with you? Could be a cheap way to travel.

    1. Kelly

      Ya, you can get a two-stroke version as well. I watched a TV show about three brothers that bought one in India and drove it for a couple of thousand KM. I don’t know how they did that.

  3. Doris

    A couple of nights ago we watched the TV show about the 3 brothers travelling by rickshaw through India. It was quite interesting.


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