I went fishing with my dad and caught this 10 pound spring salmon. It was fun and with the price if salmon at $5.25/100g this turned out to be a $100 catch. Oh, and it tastes amazing.

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Cycling from Victoria to Goldstream, no highways

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Last weekend we rode to Goldstream campground to camp for the night. After the success of our trip to McDonald Campground near Sidney and the purchase of our new chariot we were excited to try another cycle to get out of Victoria for the weekend. This time we rode and camped with our friends Jay and Rachelle.

Posing for a shot with all our gear.

The ride was good, thanks to the directions from the Mod Coast we were able to find a route that wasn’t on the highway. That Galloping goose trail is great and we rode most of the way on a nice bike path. We did have to ride on some residential and city streets and it was a little tough riding through the centre of Langford (that place is busy) but luckily there was a bike lane most of the way. Best of all, we avoided the highway altogether. I took GPS tracks on my phone and created a map for those that want to see the ride in detail, see the map. I have also created the waypoints based on the directions from the Mod Coast.

A nice surprise along the way, the Ed Nixon trail along Langford lake is was great.

Goldstream isn’t as far as McDonald campground, so that part was a bit easier, we did gain elevation the way there, which made the ride home surprising fast and a lot of fun.

The campsite

Out campsite, two tents, four bikes and five people. No car!

Goldstream is really nice. Massive trees, a beautiful stream, luxurious amenities (like warm showers and sinks to wash dishes), a new playground and a well maintained campground. You can tell the is one of BC parks favourite sites, they have a lot of young employees cleaning up after and making sure that people have a great stay.

The campsite is close to Langford, which is great if you want to shamp or pick up forgotten supplies.

Oliver enjoying everything about camping.

More camping soon

These trips are successful and fun, which means we will be camping more in the future. We are committed to this activity and this is how we like to spend our weekends. By the end of the summer we are hoping to try a few longer trips, maybe we will head to the United States as well.


Looking up waypoints, not everyone was excited to use them as I was

Here are the waypoints and directionss to get to Goldstream by bike. Enter this into this Garmin site to create a GPX file or to convert the data into something that can talk to your GPS or phone.

-123.469663, 48.450553,, "Turn off of the Galloping Goose at Atkins"
-123.496034, 48.447052,, "Turn onto Station Avenue"
-123.509123, 48.444874,, "Turn onto Dunford Avenue"
-123.519487, 48.447109,, "Left onto Leigh Road"
-123.520281, 48.446355,, "Get onto the Ed Nixon Trail"
-123.528929, 48.444974,, "Stay on the Ed Nixon Trail"
-123.536328, 48.448575,, "Stay on the Ed Nixon Trail"
-123.53937, 48.450971,, "Turn on to Henson Trail"
-123.53989, 48.451123,, "Turn on to the W Shore Parkway"
-123.541671, 48.454339,, "Stay on the W Shore Parkway"
-123.540008, 48.456203,, "Turn left on Amy Rd"
-123.548387, 48.460145,, "Left at Sooke Lake Road"
-123.553623, 48.45944,, "Right at Goldstream"
-123.555897, 48.460607,, "Enter Gold Stream"


Yes, we shamped:

Camping where any inconvenience is rectified by driving to the nearest store and purchasing whatever will make yo[u] more comfortable.

From Urban Dictionary

Calling delivery for Boston Pizza while at a provincial campground doesn’t make me proud, it did allow us to have a great dinner though, and at the moment, that made sense.

Have you have ever done this?

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