First walk in stroller

About 3 months ago we purchased a used stroller, it is a Baby Jogger Summit XT, which is a jogging stroller that has a number of slick features. Because of his size, we haven’t taken Oliver out for a walk in it, but that changed last week.

We had three days beautiful sunshine days and one day Tanya took him out for a 20 minute walk. He was in his car seat attached to the stroller. Tanya is happy with the stroller and I am looking forward to taking him for a run when he is large enough.

2 months old

Oliver is now two months old and is doing well. He is now home from a 5 day visit at hospital (he was back home nearly a week ago). The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with his lungs or his heart, so we were discharged.

Over 6 pounds

Oliver has reached the 6 pound threshold and is above the 0.1 percentile (corrected for his prematurity). This means that out of 1000 boys his age, he is lighter the 999 and heavier than 1. Which is good news because before that, he wasn’t even on the growth chart. Go Oliver!

He is developing

We are starting to notice more and more development changes in Oliver.

  • He has been using his hands a lot more, swatting at things (like toys and faces).
  • He is also more mobile, by arching is his back and using his head, he finds novel ways to move around while we are trying to hold him.
  • Changes in his voice, he seems to have different tones and slightly different cries.
  • He is starting to make smiles in his sleep (we are looking forward to seeing a real smile from him)

Sleeping in shifts

Tanya and I have found that if we sleep in shifts, life is better for both of us. This is how it works:

  • 9pm I will go to bed and Tanya will stay up with Oliver for one more feed
  • 12am Tanya will put Oliver in his crib and sleep in the same room as him.
  • 3am Tanya will feed Oliver
  • 5am Tanya will wake me up and I will take care of him, Tanya will sleep in our room and get undisturbed sleep
  • 6am I will feed Oliver with the bottle
  • 8am I will wake up Tanya and hand over Oliver over while I go to work (this is 9 or 10 on the weekend).

This seems to work for us, Tanya will try to get another nap during the day and when follow this schedule, we both get a decent amount of sleep. Definitely seeing the benefit to catching up with sleep on the weekend.

My connectivity method

Oliver has been in the hospital since Friday and should be getting out today (Tuesday). I spent the whole weekend at the hospital, with Tanya. What is really cool is who connected we now are. Even though I was at the hospital, I was still able to tap into my inner geek.

Inner Geek?

I have always been fascinated by computers, ever since my dad introduced me to one when I was 5. Since then, computers have become more and more integrated into my life.

This means that for 25 years of my 30 year life, I have been using computers. Which is to say, computers are more apart of my day then coffee, so being confined to a hospital for the weekend, I brought along my setup.

The always connected setup

With the right tools, I am able to do pretty much anything I can do at home. The best part is that I don’t have to carry around a huge laptop to be connected. Here is what I have on me:

  • a wifi iPad
  • a cell phone
  • an iPad keyboard
  • a suite of applications to enable me to work
  • a dropbox account
  • a gmail account

With these tools and services I am able to communicate with family and friend, update this website, work on a completely different website and stay entertained.

The picture above is me hacking away on my iPad working on a website after a long day at the hospital.

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Back in the hospital

We are back in the hospital. On Friday, Tanya noticed that Oliver’s breathing wasn’t quite right. Armed with mother’s intuition and a nursing background, she quickly assessed the situation and took Oliver to the emergency.

The doctors aren’t sure right now what is wrong, it could be an infection, a virus or something wrong with his heart (like a hole in a chamber). It isn’t serious enough for him to be in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), but it is serious enough to have him closely monitored on the Pediatric unit.

Waiting game

We are playing a waiting game right now, waiting for test results. Tanya is spending the weekend at the hospital while I visit for 16 hours at a time (I am not allowed to spend the night, which means I get a baby free house to go home to get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep). Oliver is doing a great job at gaining weight and other then his odd breathing, he is doing very well.

Secret weapon

From the photo, you can see his arm is wrapped up. There is a rigid board wrapped on his arm to prevent Oliver from messing with his IV (like bending his arm). He has however, turned it into a weapon, when he swings that around, watch out, you could walk away with a couple of bruises.

Also, look at those chubby cheeks, a sure sign that he is gaining right track.

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