Moving to a new room

Oliver has been making great progress, he is now moving to a new room in the NICU. He is currently in the level 2 (there are 3 levels, level 3 is the most intensive), and we got word today that he will be moving to the next level, level 1.

Some of the nurses called it a promotion, and I have to agree. The first level is one step closer to him coming home and we are proud of him.

Breast feeding every day

Other great news is that Oliver is breast feeding, and he is doing it with determination and vigor. He is fed 8 times a day and Tanya is there twice a day to give him 72% of his feed through the breast, which is the best showing thus far.


He is continuing to make progress and he is making us very happy in the process. We are very happy with Oliver and looking forward to the day that he comes home.

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