The point of no return

It is now set in stone, or least we loose a lot of money if we change our mind. Yesterday I bought our plane tickets. We will be leaving on January 8, 2008 and returning on February 7. That is 31 days out of Canada or 5 weeks off work, which will be great.

From Edmonton airport we will fly to San Diego, spend the night there and then head to the Tijuana border crossing. Probably take a bus to Ensenada (the highway between Tijuana and Ensenada is crazy busy and not the best place to start biking after not biking since the summer). From Ensenada we will be heading down the Baja peninsula to the town of Cabo San Lucas where we spend the rest of our days until we have to come home and work again. The trip will be great, we know the wait will go by really fast, we both can’t wait.

Posted from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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