It is boxing day, and Christmas is over. What a weekend, I drove to Edmonton on the 24th and then back home on the 26, I saw many family members from both sides and yet i still didn’t have enough time to see everyone. After explaining my trip to 20 or so people over three days, i started to get really excited. I couldn’t wait to go, and i still don’t go for more than two weeks. This is crazy, i don’t think i have ever been this excited to go somewhere.

I am going to post a map so that you can see where i will be headed, but that will have to wait.

Merry Christmas

Dukoral Vaccine

Used to prevent Traveler’s Diarrhea and Cholera, I took Dukoral yesterday. It was not the most pleasant experience, I would have rather had a shot. The vaccine comes in a small vile with a pouch of powdered substance. You combine the two and you get this fizzy raspberry drink. Sounds good eh?? Well it is not, I just drank it as fast as I could. I heard rumors that it was not that good tasting, and the rumors were right. The fizziness made it worse (from what I could tell at least) because it tickled when you drank it. This vaccine comes in two doses, next week I will have to ingest another dose. I think the biggest problem with these is that you cannot eat or drink one hour before or after taking this medication. Unless I am headed to bed, it is hard to have a 2 hour break from eating.

Well that is just about concludes the necessary vaccine for traveling to India and Nepal. All that is left is Malaria (which is about $100/month) and maybe some basic antibiotics for when you eat something you shouldn’t have and you don’t want to feel bad for a week. It is just amazing how much money one spends before even getting to your destination. Vaccines are money worth spending, they reduce the risk of getting ill, Right?

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Getting Ready

Its amazing the amount of work that is need before you can leave the Country.It’s is crazy.After you get all the expensive stuff (vaccines, tickets etc.) you get handed a folder, and you look at the folder and think of what it is worth, what it would cost you to replace your plane tickets, retake all your vaccines, rebook the tour, send you passports to get visas (which look really cool) and you realize that folder is very important to your trip.I’m pretty excited, I have only been to Disneyland outside of Canada and I am about to change that.

My flight will be fun, the amount of waiting I will be doing will be crazy, then we have a 22 hour flight over the pacific.I wonder what the view will be like.We leave on the 10th and we will arrive in India on the 12th at 10pm, should be a good time.I wondering if I will get jet lag?

I’m looking forward to it.